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We have reviewed a number of our client’s telecommunications arrangements and have not only reduced the costs, but also made improvements to the service that they offer their customers.  For example, we have a veterinary client in Hampshire that had over 700 engaged calls per week across their three sites.  Obviously, this information was very concerning for our client, and we have consequently put together a solution to not only reduce their costs, but also to enhance their existing set-up to minimise both missed and engaged calls from their customers.  We have access to software that will review this information for our clients.  On average, we save our clients between 30 – 40% on their telecommunication costs, but we only use suppliers that we know and trust.  Telecommunications is a critical part of any veterinary practice (as many use diverts, provide out-of-hours service, etc.), and the service providers we recommend, also work with a large number of veterinary practices. 

We have also noticed that British Telecom (BT) have recently contacted a number of their customers to inform them that they can no longer maintain their telephone systems (some of their older models), and BT have instead been promoting their new products to their customers.  So far, we have not seen a competitive option from BT, and we would be more than happy to review any quotation/correspondence, should you have any existing accounts with BT.  For example, a veterinary practice in Wales contacted us yesterday about this, and in summary, they have been offered a lease that would cost them £14,000 over 5 years for a new system that we can source for them for £2,000 to £3,000.   

We are confident that we would be able to help any business in a similar way and would be happy to discuss this further. 

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