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As you may be aware, the mandatory telephone lines Switch-Off Program, will see the complete removal of all Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services, by December 2025.  Openreach have recently implemented a “Stop Sell” on 5th September 2023 on a range of products and services, as the next step of the Switch-Off Process.  The following changes have now been made:

  • If full fibre (also called FTTP or Fibre to the Premises) is available at your premises, this will be the only broadband product available to buy.
  • If full fibre isn’t available, you’ll be offered SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) broadband instead.
  • In rare situations where neither full fibre nor SOGEA broadband are available, ADSL (copper) broadband will be available.  However, ADSL will no longer be available for sale from 28th March 2024.
  • FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and G.Fast broadband products are no longer available to order.
  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone services are also no longer available to order.
  • WLR (line rental) is no longer available, except for premises where ADSL is currently the only available connectivity option.

If you are using PSTN or ISDN lines for services such as broadband (FTTC or ADSL), main lines, alarms, credit card machines, lifts, and faxes you will be impacted, and these will need to be changed before the 2025 deadline.

We assist our clients with new phone systems, sites moves/new sites, and ultimately aim where possible to ensure your telephone setup is future proof ahead of the 2025 switch off.  Please view our testimonial page about our services Testimonials · Beaconplus

Energy Market:

In addition to the abovementioned Switch-Off, we’re still receiving a lot of enquiries about the energy market, and particularly what will happen in the future.  At present, the market is relatively stable (certainly compared to the last couple of years), but things can change very quickly, particularly with the winter period approaching.  Energy prices are still high compared to historical averages. 

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Our performance related model means unless we are successful in making a saving, there is no cost for our services.  Due to our large client base, we have access to very competitive arrangements, and I suspect you will know a number of our clients that are local to you (  You’re more than welcome to call 01565 755600 (and ask for Lee Robinson or one of his colleagues) or alternatively e-mail ( for an individual and no-obligation review, on any aspects of your telecoms and utility arrangements.  

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