Telecoms Contract Management

With so many players and even more offerings in the telecommunications market today, it’s difficult to keep up with telecoms contract management. Selecting the best contracts, billing options and solution for your organisation can be challenging.
Because we work in the telecoms market all day, every day, independent of suppliers, we are in an ideal position to address this issue for you.
Telecoms management to many may be purely telephone and mobile calls, or it may include transferring data between sites. It may also involve technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), unified messaging or a hosted solution.

Whatever your issue with telecoms contract management: reducing the cost of telephone and mobile calls: upgrading your telephone system; relocating; or putting in a new data network, we can ensure that you get an integrated solution that meets all your needs.
Our telecommunications management services include:

Telecoms Audit

In an industry where technology and also requirements are changing quickly, it can be difficult to know where to start with cost control. Understanding your current telecoms usage and reviewing of all the telecom services you are paying for is a vital start point. Our telecoms audit can include:

  • Phone systems and maintenance agreements,
  • Landlines and mobile phone contracts,
  • Broadband arrangements,
  • Analysing current usage and set-up,
  • Utilising new technology, such as Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA).

Contract Re-negotiation

Our experience gives us knowledge of what a service is worth and where discounts can come from. Also having an impartial third party negotiating on your behalf ensures you get the most competitive deal and resolve disputes efficiently.

Telecoms Contract Procurement

We support our clients with procurement of new telecoms contracts, from drawing up specifications, contract negotiation through to implementation support. We make sure there are no unfavorable clauses in the contract and no hidden nasty surprises.

Telecoms Project Management

We provide telecoms support when business are relocating, expanding or upgrading. From recommendations on the most suitable technologies to telecoms contract management over multiple sites. We can also offer support with projects related to preparation for the Openreach PSTN / ISTN switch off scheduled in 2025. Including helping you capitalise on tax breaks and government incentives for investment in new technology. We would also ensure that any changes are future proof.

Contract Renewal ManagementTelecoms Contract Management

We stop any automatic renewals. We notify you in advance of the renewal of your telecoms contract(s) and negotiate with various suppliers to secure the best contracts for your business.

What really sets us apart is the way we work. Our services are completely performance related, so we share any refunds and savings. This means we are dedicated to getting our clients the most competitive arrangements, without compromising on service levels.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that you have the support of an impartial telecommunications expert. Someone who can help you understand the myriad of choices available and work with you to implement the right solution. We are also available to assist you with any queries, faults or any other matters within this area, all of which is part of our services, at no extra cost.

Download our support sheet for further information.

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