Supplier Management

We offer unprecedented experience and expertise in the supplier management (particularly Utilities and Telecommunications costs) for businesses across the United Kingdom.


Changes in the markets for electricity, gas and water have brought a level of complexity and confusion, which is unprecedented in the UK utilities sector.  It demands a level of internal investment in specialist cost management, which only the largest companies can afford.

Beaconplus brings this independent specialist expertise to the wider audience, spanning the full spectrum of large, medium and smaller organisations.

Our experience indicates that as much as 30% of utility costs are wasted or unnecessary.  This can be due to a variety of reasons, including unsuitable tariffs, incorrect billing, meters being read wrongly or even being charged for a neighbouring company’s supply.

But effective utilities management doesn’t stop there.  It requires detailed knowledge of the markets and expertise in tendering processes to achieve the most competitive prices.  It often requires expert project management capability to ensure that more complex initiatives are implemented correctly.

Whatever your issue: reducing the cost of electricity, gas or water; upgrading meters; relocating; or installing complete new supplies, we can ensure that you get the solution to meet all your needs.


With so many players and even more offerings in the market today, it’s so difficult to keep up with them all and to know the best telecommunications solution for your organisation.

Because we work in the market all day, every day, independent of suppliers, we are in an ideal position to address this issue for you.

Telecommunications to many may be purely telephone and mobile calls, or it may include transferring data between sites. It may also involve technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), unified messaging or a hosted solution.

Whatever your issue: reducing the cost of telephone and mobile calls: upgrading your telephone system; relocating; or putting in a new data network, we can ensure that you get an integrated solution that meets all your needs.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that you have the support of an impartial expert, who can help you understand the myriad of choices available and work with you to implement the right solution.  We are also available to assist you with any queries, faults or any other matters that you may have within this area. 

Wider Cost Management

By maximising efficiencies to be gained from any significant area of operational expense, organisations can achieve savings that translate directly into increased profitability.

We have the expertise, the processes and the management experience to secure these savings for you.

Whatever your issue: energy usage; compliance; business rates; rents; stationery; landlord/tenant relationships; building maintenance; logistics; contract management; or any other significant overhead/operational expense, we offer specialist services and project management to ensure the desired result.

Negotiating with suppliers on your behalf is a common element of our service, as are bill checking, cost monitoring and issue resolution.  More specific examples include leading buildings maintenance contract negotiations with a supplier to a major Care Homes organisation, managing all aspects of landlords’ services and costs, analysing the logistics infrastructure for a key manufacturing company, and managing successful rateable value appeals for a large proportion of our clients.

We have also assisted a large supermarket chain with a two-year project demolishing a large manufacturing site and redeveloping this into a new mega store, independent retail units and offices.  Some of our clients have also grown rapidly over the past few years (one from tens of sites to hundreds of sites in less than three years), and we have been able to assist them with this process. 


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