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Energy Broker Complaint?

Posted on 17th January, 2020

Call to crack down on energy broker complaints and rip-offs which could cause small businesses to go bust Energy broker complaints made up 382 – or roughly 10 per cent – of the issues reported to the Energy Ombudsman from small firms in the past year. The unregulated world of...

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Latest UK Broadband and Mobile Coverage Revealed

Posted on 13th January, 2020

More people in the UK can get faster broadband and a good mobile signal than last year, but some rural areas are still behind towns and cities for coverage, according to new research from Ofcom. Ofcom’s Connected Nations report looks at the availability of broadband and mobile services across the...

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Will full-fibre be obsolete in 2030?

Posted on 21st November, 2019

Predicting what the future holds for technology is obviously difficult.  But full-fibre broadband, where ultra-fast optical cables carry data right into your home or office, is currently the “gold standard”. “There is no doubt that we need fibre connectivity, in particular all the way to the home. That’s something everybody...

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Openreach ISDN/PSTN Switch Off

Posted on 17th April, 2019

BT Openreach have announced that all their ISDN/PSTN telephone lines will be switched off in 2025.  We are continually receiving a large number of sales calls coming through to both us and our clients from telephone providers (including a lot of calls from BT directly) advising of this change.  Some...

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Energy Prices Below Market Rate

Posted on 21st October, 2016

We now work with over 3,000 sites across the country, which helps us to negotiate energy prices that are below the market rate (although this may not last indefinitely).      There is an article from the BBC’s website, highlighting that consumers throughout the country are overpaying for their energy.  Please see the following...

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