Fraudulent Sales Calls (Energy Contracts)

We’ve recently received a growing number of updates from our clients about fraudulent energy calls (a number of these have even pretended to be from Beaconplus), and they claim that energy contracts are due (which isn’t always the case) and offer uncompetitive rates over the phone followed by an email request to sign a DocuSign.  Unfortunately, one particular client of ours has been victim to this, whereby they have been transferred onto a long-term contract illegally, on extremely uncompetitive rates (which we are currently getting resolved). 

Basically, they try and transfer supplies (regardless of what the implications/costs are to the end user) and they are ultimately out to claim a commission from the relevant supplier.  Many businesses are targeted by calls like this or calls of a similar nature.  Our advice to all companies in this scenario, is to ask for information in writing, before agreeing to anything and reviewing this thoroughly, to avoid being tied into long-term uncompetitive contracts.      

If you have experienced calls of this nature or had any similar problems, please feel free to contact us and we will advise accordingly.    

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