Fraudulent Energy Sales Calls

Throughout 2017, we noticed a significant increase on the number of fraudulent calls, relating to energy accounts that our clients have reported to us.  We have also received many calls of this nature and we just wanted to make all of our clients aware of these calls.  In summary, the people making these calls, pose to be from the energy suppliers directly and claim that there is a problem with your account.  For example, the “meter is broken” or there is “a problem with readings”, which has resulted in a large debt on the account.  They then ask the end user for confirmation of details (such as the meter serial/supply number), and they then use this information for their own purposes (often to transfer the supply to an alternative supplier on uncompetitive rates).  It’s very similar to banking fraud and we just wanted to make you aware of the dangers of providing any information over the phone.       

Should you receive any calls of this nature, we would be more than happy to investigate this on your behalf.  We have taken a number of these calls and they do come across as very convincing, but we would always advise against giving out any specific information about your energy supplies for the above reasons. 

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