Rising Electricity & Gas Prices – How Best to Protect Against Increases

Often businesses are disadvantaged by not having the buying power of larger competitors.  However, due to our large client base of thousands of businesses, our clients have access to very competitive arrangements and expertise in these areas.  With wholesale energy prices reaching record highs, we would recommend a review of your current arrangements (despite any contract positions).  We also check historical costs as part of our review and can also advise on energy efficiency/sustainability, to help minimise costs.    


  • We have an experienced team to ensure that our clients are well prepared/aware of any market or technological changes
  • We will ensure that you do not waste any money/resources  unnecessarily and help to meet all legal requirements, such as ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme), SECR (Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting) and MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards)    
  • We regularly monitor any Government/Market changes to take advantage of any new schemes/levies that will help to reduce costs for our clients 
  • We regularly attend seminars and exhibitions, and you can take advantage of our industry knowledge/expertise 
  • We save our clients on average between 10 – 30% of their overall cost, because we are constantly adapting to the changing business environment.     

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