Do you lack time and expertise to prioritise the management of your telecoms and utilities?

Often companies are too busy to review these areas in sufficient detail and are unaware of the potential savings available to them.  Whether or not you have tendered your contracts recently or these have not been reviewed for some time, we would always be willing to investigate this on your behalf.  As well as reviewing your costs going forward, we also check historical costs for our clients and have been able to recover overcharges for hundreds of thousands of pounds for our clients.  We have been established since 1998 and have dedicated teams to cover all areas of telecommunications and utilities.  We don’t necessarily have to change your existing suppliers, as we have access to consultancy rates with certain suppliers and we review each business on ad-hoc basis.   


  • We will ensure that you are on the most competitive tariffs/arrangements and will deal with all associated administrative matters
  • We have an experienced team to effectively manage these areas on your behalf, whilst you still maintain the ultimate control
  • You will be able to benefit from our large client base, consisting of thousands of sites across the UK.  
  • We obtain prices that our clients would otherwise be unable to obtain, resulting in them increasing their bottom line profits.      


Beaconplus Limited
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