Do you need to refurbish, relocate or acquire new business premises?

Should you be thinking of relocating your premises or even acquiring a new business, we have extensive experience on dealing with these matters and will ensure that you are on the most competitive arrangements as soon as possible.  We perform Change of Tenancies (COTs) for our clients and have very good working relationships with various suppliers.  We also have large scale project management experience that would be crucial to support the implementation of any significant cost savings initiatives.


  • We have contacts with all of the major suppliers to ensure new telephone lines/systems and energy supplies are installed as soon as possible, at competitive prices.
  • We will ensure that key elements of your business are set-up with minimal hassle and time from yourself.
  • We have lots of experience of working with fast growing and multiple site organisations, including some that have expanded from tens of sites to hundreds of sites in less than three years.  We are used to working to tight deadlines. 
  • We can review all aspects of telecommunications (fixed lines, broadband, mobile phones & data), utilities (electricity, gas & water) and business rates for any changes you require. 


Beaconplus Limited
8 Haig Court, Haig Road, Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8XZ

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